ICLR 2023 Oral

Samuel Ainsworth

I am on the job market! Feel free to get in touch! Here's my CV.

I'm a hacker at heart, moonlighting as a Senior Research Scientist at Cruise AI Research. I completed my PhD at the University of Washington where I worked on machine learning and robotics, advised by Sidd Srinivasa. My research interests span deep learning, programming languages, and immunology. I've worked variously on Bayesian modeling, reinforcement learning, generative models, deep learning empiricism, and more.

Before joining UW I spent four wonderful years at Brown University, followed by a stint in Silicon Valley working on self-driving cars among other wild things.

My life goal is to cure spondyloarthritis. If you are experiencing SpA and would like to donate blood to research, sign up @ End AS.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn. Here's my CV.

Blog and news


This is often out of date. Consider checking my Google Scholar profile.

Git Re-Basin: Merging Models modulo Permutation Symmetries

S. Ainsworth, J. Hayase, S. Srinivasa

ICLR 2023 Oral
[#1 highest score out of 4,849 submissions] [tweet thread] [code] [video]
Invited talks at Berkeley AI Research, Columbia, ML Collective, Pacific Northwest National Labs, Cruise, and more.

Faster Policy Learning with Continuous-Time Gradients

S. Ainsworth, K. Lowrey, J. Thickstun, Z. Harchaoui, S. Srinivasa

L4DC 2021 [code] [poster]

Mo' States Mo' Problems: Emergency Stop Mechanisms from Observation

S. Ainsworth, M. Barnes, S. Srinivasa

NeurIPS 2019 [code] [poster]

Mosaic: A Sample-Based Database System for Open World Query Processing

L. Orr, S. Ainsworth, W. Cai, K. Jamieson, M. Balazinska, D. Suciu

CIDR 2020

Open source

  • Founder of the @NixOS/cuda-maintainers team. Active NixOS/nixpkgs maintainer.
  • torch2jax [tweet thread]: Mix-and-match PyTorch and JAX code with seamless, end-to-end autodiff, use JAX classics like jit, grad, and vmap on PyTorch code, and run PyTorch models on TPUs.
  • sshenanigans: A custom SSH server for building custom SSH servers.
  • rustybox is a complete, 100% Rust fork of the busybox project.
  • bidirectional-typing is a bidirectional type inference implementation, including a pedagogically-minded design and readme for folks getting started with bidirectional type inference.
  • remod is a user-friendly chmod replacement.
  • phonetelepathy transmits data between phones using only audio. The magic lies in error correction.
  • nixos-up is the fastest way to install NixOS.

And more on my GitHub...